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Book IV in the continuing SETI Series, now "In-Work." More Sample Chapters will be posted.


                                                                       SETI, Integration, Book IV

“Nothing had really changed but everything had changed. Life on Earth would never be the same, forever forward.” 


The biggest fear of all, what the Tau Cetians would do next. More enigmatic were the true capabilities of Earth’s newest massive extraterrestrial population, Earth’s newest global neighbors.  The following report was recently released from the United States Department of State:

United States Department of State
Washington, DC 20520

September 5, 2015 

Classification: General Distribution                                     Report: 2953-DCD15-Q3

Current Situational Status Report
Tau Ceti Immigration to U.S. & Territories


Start Summary:

One year and twelve months have elapsed since the overnight immigration of approximately 25 million status alien individuals from an off-planet location to U.S. and U.S. Territories. Total number worldwide is now estimated at 110 million. Numbers are inexact due to illegal immigration not coming through ports of entry for count, status, or deployment.

Current Disposition and Contact With Alien Population:

 From scarce validation, alien enclaves are situated in the following U.S. States and Territories:

Central Montana
Central Kansas
Central Arizona
South Central California
Eastern Oregon
100 miles West of Guam
100 miles Northeast of U.S. Virgin Islands
100 miles West of American Samoa
100 miles East of Johnson Atoll
100 miles North of Midway Atoll
100 miles North of Howland Atoll
100 miles West of Saipan Island
100 miles North of Palmyra Atoll
100 miles East of Wake Island

Please note that all near-island and atoll locations are being developed on artificially constructed islands now being developed by the alien population. Approximately two dozen other alien enclaves have now been established in other parts of the world, land and sea.

At this point there has only been top level contact and association with alien leader known as Clayton Perfect. No contact or communication has been made with any member of the Supreme Council as they are known.

In addition there has been no photographic evidence of dispersed locations; no radio frequency communication on VLF, HF, VHF, UHF, except for sporadic ATC communication on 126.000 mhz, AM, for overflight contact and transponder lock frequencies. All attempts at satellite, air or ground based radar or other scanning modes have been blocked and reflected by the alien population on all frequencies, modes, and formats. NSA continues with non-manned drone contact and other means of direct contact with the assistance of the Department of the Navy. To date, no NSA contact and reconnaissance has been successful.

We understand from brief conversation with alien senior representative Clayton Perfect that construction of living space for the alien population in all parts of the world is in desolate or unclaimed land territories and/or on open ocean coordinates. We further understand that construction materials for base land and foundation building material is being mined from the ocean floor. To date, no data, reports, photographs or other sensory data has been obtained from the alien population or has been garnered from U.S. official department sources or from unofficial or random chance gathering. All attempts at approach to construction sites have been rebuffed by the alien population.

End Summary:


Only from sparse interaction on ATC channels from detected overflights and from the little information that we have received from senior Tau Ceti representative Clayton Perfect is there any indication as to the true nature of this extraterrestrial incursion. It is unknown at this time if these conditions will change or improve. Continuing efforts by this department and other U.S. agencies will hopefully allow us to understand the true nature of future relations between us and this new humanoid species that has landed on our planet.

As the situation changes or dictates, updates will follow.

George L. Berg
Executive Officer
Information Security 

Unclassified: For General Distribution

Chapter One

Clayton Perfect stood on the wooden stage in front of his large audience. The venue was the refurbished for him and by him at Madison Square Garden. Most members of the UN Security Council were in attendance. Also there to listen to what he had to say were the New York, London, Moscow, and Beijing elite. Representatives from around the world filled the audience. The speech was telecast around the world by television, the internet, and a new wireless omnipresent Tau Ceti distribution system that engineers were hopelessly trying to decipher.

Perfect moved from around a provided podium. He slowly ambled with his thin tall gaunt frame to the very front of the stage and looked at the 18,200 people staring breathlessly back at him. They were anxious to hear what he was about to say and feared what he was about to say. His alien race, culture and population had taken over the most desolate patches of ground on the planet. They had grown to 100 million in a short period of time. They kept to themselves metering out only small bits about their advanced civilization. No-fly zones were established over their settlements. Satellite photography and other sensory attempts to illuminate ground information about the land they occupied were impossible. All images seemed to be constantly blacked-out when cameras and other sensors were aimed or scanned at Tau Ceti humanoid locations.

They were an alien race of humanoids forcefully implanted on Earth. Their presence, so far, was unobtrusive if not completely separate from that of Earth humans. They were totally independent with all of their needs for survival and growth provided by them. They asked for no help or supplies.  Most important to the humans, they had erected boundaries on land or created land which the Earth population had no interest. Those locations on uninhabited or created islands, vast deserts and unclimbable mountain peaks would never be seen by the indigenous earth population, or so it seemed. They were “Here” but no man would ever know it.

Now, standing in front of Earth representatives, gathered by invitation from the Tau Ceti Supreme Council, was Clayton Perfect, leader of the Tau Ceti humanoids. Clayton Perfect was thin as a rail. He towered over his audience. He was at least seven feet seven inches tall. His face was humanoid but still with the strange features so popularly imagined in countless science-fiction books and films. Perfect had large eyes, small thin lips and a sallow skin tone. The estimation of those alien features described in countless films, television or on the internet was not that far off.

He was dressed in a long robe. No body form seen. His body type was bi-pedal, he was built like a human but he was not.  He held out his hand.

“Many of you have seen my image on your media, on your crude electronic computers delivered by your internet and perhaps by the introduction of our global wireless network we have installed on those computers. We will in time introduce you to that system and will allow you to share in its power and reach,” Clayton Perfect said in a powerful but slightly tinny voice.

One brave soul in the audience barely whispered, “Why are you here?”

That question was from the third tier of seats as far back as was physically possible in the Madison Square Garden. It was not heard beyond 5 feet of its origin. Clayton Perfect looked up toward the question. He heard it perfectly clear. He paused and smiled slightly through his thin lips. He lowered his hand.

He then looked down at the thousands of humans before him. “The question was from your group, why are you here? Good question, probably your first most important question.” Clayton Perfect smiled. The tension was broken. There was general controlled laughter and nervous giggling drifting up from the audience.

Perfect continued. “We are here simply put because we had no other close suitable planet we could emigrate to. We had to leave our planet because the environment that had supported our species for billions of years failed. That’s billions of years our species of humanoid had been developing on our planet. Your planet is similar in size, chemistry, geology, and air envelope compared to our planet you called Tau Ceti.”

Perfect changed position and tone of voice. “We know that you are uncomfortable with us occupying your planet as abruptly as we have. We know that without invitation you consider that, shall I say, rude. Unfortunately for you, your social system manners are not a concern for us. For the humans on Tau Ceti, that is what we are by the way, we are humans, not humanoids, extinction was our only other choice.”

Another brave soul in the audience shouted out, louder this time. “How did you find us?”

“The story is well known and has been known for years. You know it and we know it. But I will repeat. We were scanning for radio frequency signals from other extraterrestrial planets the same size as ours and the same distance from the sun. We locked onto a radio call from a private citizen by the name of Sam Alexander. We wanted to consider him as your representative and invited his parents to join us on Tau Ceti. It was not abduction as your conspiracy theories and science fiction often speculates. We brought Sam Alexander’s parents to our planet, made them comfortable in their own dwelling and spoke with them many times about your planet and their son. We decided that your planet would suffice our needs and that Sam Alexander would be your representative since he was our first contact with Planet Earth.”

Another even braver voice spoke out from the audience. “Was there a choice for us, your occupation?”

Perfect moved several steps across the stage then turned directly to the questioner.


The abruptness of the answer tensed the audience again. A quiet murmur arose from the 18,200 audience. Several frightened couples stood and began to leave.

“Listen to me carefully, your American Indian tribes had no choice when this continent of America was invaded now did they? Additionally, when your early ancestors began to spread from your Africa continent to locations throughout the world your animal population had no choice either.”

Perfect then moved forward again. “But let me assure you, our arrival is not how the alien invasion was portrayed in author H.G. Wells War of the Worlds. Our arrival does not have the complicity or obfuscation as portrayed in your Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man.” We are not here to conquer but to share your Earth. We understand the sensitivities of us not receiving an invitation but we had no other choice. And at that this point, neither do you.”

Another uncomfortable murmur rolled through the crowd, this time louder.

“But we bring with us solutions to many of your problems which we will share soon and throughout your world. Those solutions will come in due time.”

Still the crowd seemed restless, many had heard enough and fear began to spread. But then Perfect continued with even more disturbing information.

“For generations, humans have wondered if there are other intelligent species not only in our shared galaxy but beyond in the expanding and multiple universes that are beyond. Your species has asked incessantly, are we alone? I can assure you from our own experience, you and we are not alone.”

Perfect then lowered his voice. “I can also assure you that our arrival will be to your benefit. It will be to not only your benefit but your protection as well. The next unannounced arrival whether this week, next century or a hundred centuries from now may not be so…magnanimous and friendly. Both of our civilizations must develop and support each other…and if necessary defend each other. For you that means you need us.”

Now in a much stronger and authoritative voice, “More To Follow.”

Clayton Perfect turned quickly walked off staged in long graceful strides.

The audience fell silent. Their exit from Madison Square Garden that night was just as quick.

​Chapter TWO

The first incident with worldwide Air Traffic Control was the most significant. It caught the aviation world off guard. From that point forward updated instructions, rules, regulations, and emergency procedures had to be invoked. All Air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and air traffic service providers (ATSPs) were immediately notified and emergency online meetings were hastily arranged.

San Francisco ATC Center 11:17 GMT, 4:17pm Local Time

The following transmission was heard on scanners both local and worldwide through scanner apps on computers, laptops and smartphones. The radio frequency was for Approach, 128.325mhz:

ATC:   Unidentified heavy aircraft in my sector approaching coast at Mendocino, this is San Francisco Center. Please squawk two two six zero to identify.

TC Craft: (Mechanical Digital Voice) San Francisco Center, this is TC Craft responding. Entering your request for transponder squawk on two two six zero. Initiating now.

(Long Break)

ATC: Aircraft, San Francisco Center, I see your squawk, please identify airline again.

TC Craft: San Francisco Center, this is TC craft. No airline designation.

ATC: TC, this is San Francisco Center, you must have airline identifier to be on this frequency. Please state airline ID.

TC Craft: San Francisco Center, this is Tau Ceti spacecraft. No airline identifier.

(Even Longer Break)

ATC: (Hesitant) TC…spacecraft this is San Francisco ATC. Please confirm altitude at two zero decimal zero and origination and destination. We see your squawk but no altitude indentifier.

TC Craft: San Francisco, TC spacecraft. We understand your need for air traffic control for safety and trajectory tracking. We are not at two zero decimal zero. We are at two zero zero decimal zero.


ATC: TC craft, San Francisco. Wait a minute buddy,  you’re flying at two hundred thousand feet?

TC Craft: Correct

ATC: Okay…San Francisco. State origination and destination.

TC Craft: San Francisco, this is TC spacecraft. Origination location is classified and destination classified. Our altitude is two hundred thousand feet, well above all your controlled traffic. Our transponder is on so you can track us in your control area only. At descent our transponder will be turned off. We shall remain in both your IFR and VFR flight rules and will avoid any and all aircraft and biological traffic. Our heading is ninety degrees due east at this moment.

ATC: Okaaay, will you contact ATC at commencement of your descent?

TC Craft: No

ATC: What is your speed, will you give us your speed?

TC Craft: No

ATC: Will you give us estimated time of arrival

TC Craft: No

ATC: Will you contact other ATC control areas on route?

TC Craft: No

ATC: TC Craft, this is ATC San Francisco. Listen we need to know your heading, route intentions, your speed, your descent start point, any altitude changes, any direction changes, any transponder changes. We need to know where you are in the airspace and for how long so we can track you.

TC Craft: San Francisco, this is TC spacecraft. That is the point ATC, we do not wish to be tracked. We are only contacting you now at this point in our flight so you do not become, frightened.

ATC: TC Craft, San  Francisco ATC… listen worldwide Air Traffic Control rules requires and dictates you remain in contact. Do you copy?

Silence. Numerous attempts on various frequencies at various locations were unsuccessful. On that day, nothing further was heard from that or any other TC aircraft. During the following days several other TC spacecraft checked in with Air Traffic Control centers from disparate parts of the globe. The same verbal transactions occurred. Some of the controls in those various countries were not as polite as San Francisco Air Traffic Control Center. The same mechanical and digital voice showed no emotion and repeated the same transponder squawk channel, the same altitude, but with varying headings and direction of travel. No further information was transmitted by those craft.

This was the beginning of human-humanoid contact in all areas of life that would cause concern and confusion. There was no indication of challenge to the human civilization but this first on-earth contact between the human Earth civilization and the on earth Tau Ceti humanoid civilization was unsettling.

Chapter THREE


IceCube Neutrino Observatory

Amundson-Scott South Pole Station – Antarctica


Sitting at the bottom of the world a unique observatory searching for sub-atomic particles called Neutrinos was constructed to compliment the other scientific research taking place at the South Pole. On either side of a two-story small control center two tall dominating tubes propped up on stilts off the Antarctica frozen surface were set about ten feet from the control center. Each six-foot diameter tube contained strings of sensors drilled 2,500 meters below the surface. The sensor string was dotted with photomultiplier tubes looking for these elusive neutrino particles. Sometimes as few as 6-12 of the tiny indicators of neutrino collisions onto the sensors were discovered each year. The neutrinos emanated from as close as our sun to as far away as an exploding Super Nova. They pass through solid material without effect. Neutrino detection can tell physicists about the nature of materials in a way that light and other radiation could not. They also could be excellent carriers of data communication and data packets. They were the only known sub-atomic particles that were not attenuated through the interstellar medium.

If an intelligent advanced species were to harness the efficiency of the neutrino they could probe, scan or communicate across the universe in modes unknown to man.

Scientist Mark Tendle and his assistant Mary Heller at the Antarctic Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory were modeling that day in an equipment-packed control room a recent single neutrino hit. They were plotting the possibility of riding a single binary message attached to a string of neutrino hits. The science was not there yet.

Mark was hunched over his computer in a room full of computer, data controllers, and stacks of raid computer servers storing the information and constantly polling the sensors collection terminals. Mary was not far away working at the file cabinet doing her daily routine of paper filing the previous days’ print out reports.

While continuing to stare at his computer screen and punching in commands he said, “Mary that was a damn good hit last week.”

Mary replied, “I guess we better satisfied with that one, it could be awhile before we get another hit.”

Mark reached for his Diet Coke, “Yep, it could be awhile…are you going to the Taco Night spread this evening?”

Mary smiled and looked over at Mark, “Are you kidding, that’s the highlight of the week. That and the movie afterward…I’m there.”

Mark said, “I just love tacos, my favorite food without a…”

His reply was cut short. Through the monitor speakers they both heard a loud ping. That ping was the computer turning another neutrino hit into an audio alarm letting whoever was in the Control Room know that another neutrino was detected deep underground by the photo multipliers.

Mary and Mark were stunned as they looked at each other. They both froze. A big smile crept across their faces.

Mark said, “Wow, do you believe it? Another hit just five days…”

Another loud ping, then another. And then a cascade of pings, multiplying, speeding up with each hit. A cacophony of sound filled the room.

Mary dropped her files and quickly put her hand over her mouth, eyes wide and fixed on Mark.

Mark jumped up from the computer terminal. The loud pinging was racing now, deafening in sound. Mary and Mark put their hands over their ears.

Mark finally reached for the volume nob on the control panel just to the right of his computer. He grabbed the nob, but he could not turn it before the screeching sound suddenly stopped.

Mary said, “Why did you turn it off?”

Mark whispered, “I didn’t.” He turned away from the control panel. He slowly turned to Mary. “Mary, what the hell was that? What the hell is going on?”

Mary said in a shaking voice. “Where is that coming from? How far, how deep?”

Mark shook his head negatively. He said, “I dunno.”

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