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Frederick Fichman was born and raised in the Midwest. Moving to California and Hollywood in 1969, he started a career in network television broadcasting at ABC-TV and  a parallel track as an author. His first novel published in 1990 was book one of his science fiction trilogy, "SETI." It was print published in the U.S. by the ROC imprint of Penguin USA and in the U.K. by Headline Press. Book two, "SETI, The Journey" quickly followed. 

Book number three in the SETI Trilogy, "SETI Conception" as well as the SETI Anthology, one volume with all three books, are now available on Amazon Kindle, BarnesandNoble Nook, and the Apple iBookstore. More fiction and non-fiction manuscripts are currently "in work" and should be available soon. Stay tuned for upcoming information on release dates.


With over 120 zoo animals in twelve separate books, “Visit the Zoo” takes you on a walking tour of the zoo through vivid, close-up and personal photography, with concise and easy to read descriptions of the animals. The marvelous aspect of this series is that in each animal description you learn something fascinating, new and even astonishing about their anatomy or behavior. This exciting journey through the modern zoo with its large collection of familiar and strange creatures is also a wonderful educational tool for young or not-so-young minds. The population status of each animal, endangered or not, is described and details of their habitat, diet, dimensions and longevity are discussed as well.

The first three books in the SETI series can be purchased individually. "SETI,” “SETI, The Journey,” and “SETI, Conception” have also been combined into one convenient anthology volume, “The SETI Trilogy,” priced three books for the price of two. 

SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is the story of young Sam Alexander, amateur radio amateur operator and astronomer. From the beginning search for an extraterrestrial radio signal to the astounding fast-paced conclusion, Sam's discovery of an alien radio transmission leads to the ultimate confrontation between humans on planet Earth and humanoids on the planet orbiting the star/sun Tau Ceti, 11.8 light years from Earth. That SETI radio signal discovery changes life on the Planet Earth, forever.



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​Book IV in the SETI Series

A Children's Book accessible to all adults. A Fantasy seven-continent Adventure. The story is informative about the animal kingdom. An epic journey of personal discovery. Available on Amazon Kindle and in print on Amazon CreateSpace.

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